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At we work closely with our advertisers to ensure the maximum results for ad campaigns and always strive to exceed expectations whenever possible.

We carefully focus on the unique needs of each of our advertisers and invest the time it takes to make sure they've got the right mix of advertising to always get the best value advertising dollars. has created a wide spectrum of advertising options which can be tailored or expanded to fit a wide range of budgets and advertising goals.

Banner Ad: has a number of Banner Ad Options, which to chose from. The availble options include but are not limited to the large 'skyscraper/tower' ads (120x600), to the 728x90 Billboard size Banner, standard 468x60 banners, and 120x60 buttons. Custom banner sizes as well as rich media content can be integrated with the campaign. Banner ads are a great tool to increase brand exposure and often are used hand in hand with other ad options to boost overall effectiveness of a campaign.

Pop-Under Ads: An effective way of reaching your audience with a relatively new ad type. Pop-window advertising is less intrusive, almost always fully loads, and is more effective at obtaining registrations and sales than standard pop-ups and exits. Combine that with the 12 Hour unique visitor frequency cap, and a very successful advertising vehicle is obtained.

Sponsorships: For maximum exposure, we offer several sponsorship options. For larger companies you may want to integrate your brand or course into the main content of the site. Please contact us with any sponsorship proposals.

Giveaways: Another extremely high exposure option on Giveaways are posted to the front page of the site. Options can include a box for people to request more product info from your company which is a great way to capture interest for products which might have a longer sales cycle.

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